Additional Capabilities

When companies are searching for a medical devices and components contract manufacturer, they are also seeking expertise and an extensive list of value added services as well.

They desire a partner that can handle a project throughout its developmental life cycle: from conceptualization to full production and packaging.

Jade Precision Medical Components is that provider, offering an extensive list of services that include ultrasonic cleaning, bead blasting, laser marking, assembly and more. As with everything we do, all services are executed with accuracy and precision to satisfy the tightest of product tolerances and requirements.

Quality Tools Produce Quality Results

We know equipment is only part of what makes us successful. We foster a culture of continuous improvement and to that end, Continuous Improvement efforts at JPMC are being led by two ASQ certified black belts as of July 2014.


  • (7) Star SR-20 RII Swiss Machines
  • (4) Star SR-20 RIII Swiss Machines
  • (12) Star SR-20 RIV Swiss Machines
  • (7) Star SV-12 Swiss Machines
  • (2) Star SV-20 Swiss Machines
  • (7) Star SB-16 2E Swiss Machines
  • (5) Star SB-20R TG Swiss Machines
  • (7) Makino N2-5XA Five-Axis Milling Center
  • (1) Matsuura Five Axis Single Spindle Milling Center
  • (3) Chiron Five Axis Twin Spindle Milling Center
  • IPEC Global Automated Anodize Line
  • ESMA E992 Nitric and Citric Passivation System*
  • Crest/Forward Technology F100-810 Automated Ultrasonic Solvent Cleaning System
  • Crest/Forward Technology F100-1010 Automated Ultrasonic Solvent Cleaning System
  • (3) Brown and Sharp Global CMM
  • (2) Empire BBO Basket Blaster
  • (4) Cyclone Grit Blast Cabinets
  • Nikon VMA-2520 Multi-sensor Touch Probe System
  • (9) RAM Optical CNC 300 Measurement Systems
  • (2) Optical Comparators
  • (2) Nikon Measurescopes
  • (8) Mantis Elite Stereo Zoom Microscopes
  • (2) Trumpf Vectormark Lasers
  • (2) Star SV-20R

*Completely enclosed, modular system for Nitric and Citric passivation. Incorporating integrated heated storage containment tanks and self-contained, automatic ultrasonic washer and DI water rinse.